Temporary Employment Visas

Gaining the right to work as a non-U.S. citizen can be a complicated process. One way to obtain the right to work in the United States is to apply for a temporary employment visa. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has several temporary visa programs that allow non-citizens to move to the United States to perform a specific job. However, your employer must sponsor you, and you must return to your home country once the visa expires.

A temporary employment visa lawyer could help you and your employers understand the USCIS visa programs. A well-versed employment visa attorney can work to select a visa program that fits your needs and help you complete the necessary application.

Examples of Temporary Employment Visas

A temporary work visa allows a worker to enter the country for a set period to perform a job. There is a collection of these visas that serve different purposes.

The most common is the H1-B visa program.

For an H1-B visa, an employer files an application on behalf of the worker stating that this employee possesses skills needed to serve their needs. This can include possessing an advanced degree, working in cooperation with the Department of Defense, or working as a fashion model. In addition, an employer must certify that the job position qualifies under a Labor Condition Application. H1-B visas last for three years, but an employer may request an extension for an additional three.

Other temporary employment visas include:

  • H1-B1 – free trade agreement professional
  • H-2A – temporary agricultural worker
  • O – Individuals with extraordinary talents, such as artists
  • Q-1 – participants in a cultural exchange program

A temporary employment visa lawyer could help identify which temporary visa program is appropriate based on the specific circumstances.

Required Information on an Application

Regardless of the type of visa an employee is receiving sponsorship for, that sponsor must complete Form I-129 to initiate the process. The form requires detailed information concerning:

  • The hiring company
  • Personal identifying data concerning the worker
  • Details concerning the work to be performed

Once the USCIS accepts this application, employees must apply for a formal visa through the U.S. consulate in their home countries. This will require the worker to submit to an interview and supply a photograph. If this interview is successful, the consulate will issue a visa that allows a worker to enter the United States and begin their job. A lawyer could help companies and individuals gather the information necessary to complete a temporary work visa application.

Get Help Applying for a Temporary Employment Visa

The USCIS rules concerning temporary employment visas are strict. Any potential immigrant needs to select a specific visa they may qualify for and provide information concerning their eligibility. Furthermore, only an employer can initiate this process and must have already identified a potential employee who is currently living in another nation.

A temporary employment visa attorney could provide essential guidance. An attorney can explain the temporary work visa program, evaluate a worker’s eligibility, and gather the information needed to provide the best chance for success. To discuss your options, call today.

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